Development of the Team Virtuality Index (TVI)

Development of the Team Virtuality Index (TVI) Blood, Dan 2018-11-09T22:10:37Z 2018-11-09T22:10:37Z 2018-06
dc.description.abstract This dissertation focuses on the creation of a measure of team virtuality and compares it with the individual outcomes of satisfaction and engagement. It begins with a brief introduction of the current trends regarding virtual teams and the lack of a consensus around the definition and measurement of the dimensions of virtuality. In the literature review, I outline the most common dimensions of virtual teams and provide a foundation for further exploration of virtuality. Based on these dimensions, I created and tested a seven-item Team Virtuality Index (TVI), which was ultimately refined to five dimensions. The TVI includes the dimensions of geographic dispersion, temporal dispersion, isolation, technological reliance, and leader distance. The TVI addresses a significant gap within the existing literature by providing for a consistent measure of team environments and giving researchers the ability to compare outcomes based on this environment. Within this research, I compared the level of team virtuality with the individual outcomes of satisfaction and engagement. Additional analysis investigated the influence of individual and team tenure, face-to-face meetings, and training. Noteworthy findings included the fact that the distinction between traditional and virtual teams may no longer be valid. All teams fall somewhere on the virtuality continuum. Additionally, face-to-face meetings may not be critical drivers of individual satisfaction and engagement when teams have a significant amount of experience working together. Virtual team training remains an area of opportunity. Further research is needed to test, refine, and validate the TVI. en_US
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dc.subject.other virtual teams en_US
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dc.title Development of the Team Virtuality Index (TVI) en_US

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